By: Healing Thyme  27/10/2011
Keywords: massage, Aromatherapy, alternative medicine

Aromatherapy is the practice of using the volatile oils extracted from plant material to affect emotional and physical health. It is an ancient practice evidenced by pictorial and written records from several ancient civilisations across the world. The practice as we know it today owes much to the work of René-Maurice Gattefossé during the 1920’s. He successfully used Lavender essential oil to treat his hand which had developed gangrene after being badly burned in a laboratory explosion. Jean Valnet pioneered the use of oils medicinally during the Second World War. Aromatherapy today Aromatherapy in Britain is now well established as a holistic therapy. A well trained therapist will take account of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of care with all patients and will advise on lifestyle and dietary issues where relevant. Essential oils are used to balance the individual and can be calming or stimulating; relaxing or uplifting as required.

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