Business Progression

Business Progression from TheTree Doc

By: TheTree Doc  07/11/2013
Keywords: tree surgery, Tree Surgeons, tree services

Due to the increasing demand for Quality, Affordable work by Local Landscape Gardeners and the like, The Tree Doc is now a Freelance/Contract Climber (Arborist/Tree Surgeon). I had made that decision as the 2 other team members that originaly formed the company The Tree Doc had left to pursue other avenues. When that happened i concentrated on Garden Maintenance as that was the safest option, now that i was on my own so to speak. But when my Customers was asking me do i Know any Tree Surgeons i had to oblige and mention i was one, Then i got a couple of calls from a Landscape Gardener asking me to do some Tree work for them. That then led to more Landscapers asking me to do thier Tree work for them, so i had to come to the conclussion and become a Freelance Climber. I still do work for Domestic Customers, but most of my work now is for other company's who are not able to offer Tree Surgery work etc. I am also in the process of becoming Utility Arb Qualified, that is a whole different ball game, doing work for the likes of The National Grid, Network Rail, The Highways Agency etc etc, and i would also like to up the ante and gain the prestigious ISA Certified Arborist Qualification. And who knows i may even gain a Doctorate, so then i can deffinately be called "The Tree Doc"

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