Rockford stays one step ahead in spam protection and disaster recovery

Rockford stays one step ahead in spam protection and disaster recovery from Rockford IT

By: Rockford IT  02/10/2009
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Rockford has recently upgraded its spam and disaster recovery email service, offering an improved service with the latest unique features available in the industry today.

Rockford’s email service now has the option to include features such as image filtering, keyword recognition, and the replaying of email (involving storing copies of emails to allow them to be re-delivered in the event of a failure).

The image filtering feature gives the capability to detect pornographic images within emails. Messages containing such images will be quarantined and notifications sent to the user. The detection engine can be adjusted and exceptions given on email addresses to suit each individual user requirement.

Rockford’s service also allows customers to quarantine emails containing specific keywords, giving the ability to assign keywords with scores that contribute to the email threshold.

An additional unique feature of Rockford’s service is the ability to hold and replay mail, giving a greater peace of mind and assurance should data loss or an internal disaster occur. Customers can choose the length of time in which they can hold and replay the mail for, from one and seven days, or longer if required.

For further details on the spam/antivirus service available please contact us via or call 0333 101 6000.

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