Rockford Goes Green

Rockford Goes Green from Rockford IT

By: Rockford IT  22/07/2009
Keywords: internet services, Eco friendly, data centre

With data centres currently counting for around 1% of the total world energy consumption* there is an increasing necessity for companies to become more environmentally friendly. Rockford has responded, taking steps to drastically reduce its carbon footprint.

Rockford IT’s recently launched data centre, built in 2008, not only uses up to date hardware and holds little clutter, saving on power consumption needed to cool the data centre, but is actively encouraging the use of virtualisation, a concept w­hich still keeps the same high standards of service, but allows multiple servers to run on the same system, ultimately using less energy. Its set up of virtualisation additionally helps keep running costs lower, allowing Rockford to offer an extremely cost effective, high quality service.­­

Other methods Rockford has used to help reduce its energy consumption includes its use of energy efficient lighting, managing all invoices and correspondence via email rather than post, and implementing a strict recycling policy within Rockford’s office. It also aims to have all its electricity supplied from renewable sources by the end of 2009.

Rockford IT’s services additionally offer energy saving solutions. Its WatchGuard UTM appliances combine Web Filtering, Antivirus and Intrusion Prevention on one complete solution, which saves on the number of physical hardware appliances needing to be produced (materials and packaging), and in addition saves on power consumption. Reports suggest that the cost of viewing and deleting spam emails is a significant energy drain worldwide. Rockford IT’s highly effective anti spam system helps reduce this unnecessary power consumption as well as saving its customers valuable time and money.

Rockford IT’s Managing Director, Tom Sykes, comments on this new approach; “By adapting our everyday working procedures like this we hope to do our bit to help the environment, and in addition keep our costs at competitive rates for our customers.”

And­ it's hard work has been recognised, becoming finalists for 'Best Green Business' in the Shropshire Business Awards 2009.

Keywords: data centre, Eco friendly, internet services