Yule Altar Set

Yule Altar Set from Pagan Magical Crafts

By: Pagan Magical Crafts  29/05/2015
Keywords: candles, candle holders, ritual

An Unique Yule Altar Set, which could be used all year round if you change the candles and cloth. Absolutely perfect for Midwinter Rituals The Yule season is full of magic, much of it focusing on rebirth and renewal. The sun is making its way back to the earth. The Oak King is reborn of the Mother Focus on this time of new beginnings new ideas finish what was started at Samhain in releasing the old! This fabulous Altar Set contains the following............ 2 Vintage Brass Candle holders. These are truly wonderful, was tempted to keep them for myself. They are 9.5" (24cms) tall The base is 3.25" (8cms) diameter The drip tray at the top is 2.5" (6.25cms) The candle holder takes a dinner or ritual candle diameter approx 1" or 2.5cms These lovely vintage candle holder have either a sun or a crescent moon decoration. The Sun is..ray to ray 4" (10cms) The Crescent Moon is 3" (7.5cms) at its widest point and 2.5" (just over 6cms) at its tallest point. To go with them are 2 Red taper candles...8" (20cms) A Silver plated Chalice This 4.5" (11.5cms) Chalice is crafted from Silver Plate, the stem and base are Brass. The God and Goddess union is represented by the two metals. Gold for the God and Silver the metal of the Moon and Goddess. This chalice is sometimes known as the Sun and Moon Chalice because of the union of the 2 metals. A Brass Incense Burner Ht 6cms diameter 3.5cmsGrear for burning the Incense Resin It comes complete with 2 charcoal discs. A Brass Altar Bowl It is 1.5cm high without the handle, 5cms including the handle The diameter is 7cms This little bowl is ideal for holding the Herbs These are sitting on a Black wooden Altar Table. The table is 62 square (15cms) and is 32 (8cms) tall It is decorated with a triple moon and pentagram relief design. The design is 4.75" (12cms) at its widest point and 3.5" (8cms) at its longest point.

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