Unique UK Sales Training Courses - Bespoke, tailored, versatile, powerful.

Unique UK Sales Training Courses - Bespoke, tailored, versatile, powerful. from Blueprint UK Sales Training & Management Consultancy

By: Blueprint UK Sales Training & Management Consultancy  20/09/2010
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Our training techniques are unique, illustrative and very informative - for many candidates they have had to completely forget what they had been taught in the past and begin a new era in sales processes.

What is covered in the sales training course:

  • A history of how the sales demand and process has changed over the last 40 years
  • Making a good first impression - the first words can close the last
  • Master the silent salesman - The part of you that doesn't talk...
  • Finding and identifying a potential customers needs.
  • Delivering a customer's/ Business needs when they have been identified.
  • How to prepare and conduct sales calls in person.
  • How the checkpoint method can automatically close the sale!
  • Knowing when to close the sale or whether to get the customer to close themselves and how to do this...
  • Aftersales and looking after the customer or business
  • Being over-informative - knowing when to be quiet and listen....
  • Questions - important? ESSENTIAL!!!
  • Learn the 'lead them through life' method that has the customer asking to buy your product and not refunding it!
  • What makes our training courses unique?
  • OUR DIFFERENCE (Bullet-points for convenience)

    1. We keep a finger on the pulse - Our day begins speed-reading the main national and county newspapers searching and identifying key, subtle changes in the business world, the sales arena and marketing trends - then every 4 months this information is processed, analysed and built into our sales training courses to ensure that candidates always receive the most up to date, powerful and business tailored courses.

    2. Unique, bespoke, customised - We customise each training course (open and in-house) for the business or individual involved - we appreciate your business maybe unique and so your training should be also - don't get the same course thousands do, get the course that is customised for you and your individual business needs.

    3. Its not the answer, its the understanding of it that counts - Many courses give you the right answers and the correct techniques...BUT - we teach you the reasons behind it - learning the answer is very important but learning the formula and science behind it enables the candidate to be adaptive, creative and changeable when called for in their business arena.

    4. Sales training - time tested techniques...don't always work - Time tested means something that neither changes or adapts. In this business world if you don't change - you die. So our courses are always adapting slightly to follow market and business trends like a good driver making slight adjustments to changing road conditions.

    5. Trainer's under PRESSURE to deliver...we always endeavor to deliver quality, experience and excellence combined with the trainer who should exhibit passion, an excellent delivery and a customised approach - to ensure this we pay our trainers on how you grade them on what we call a tiered shelf.

    After every course we ask you anonymously to fill in a form and grade the trainer on various aspects such as presentation, delivery, knowledge, customisation, training style and more - the trainer will then have a total score which determines his pay for that course

    If he/ she is graded as fair - they receive bass tier (bottom pay) - then be observed by company owner
    If he/ she is graded as good - they will receive a slightly higher tier (slightly above bottom pay)
    If he/ she is graded as very good - they will receive middle tier with a bonus
    If he/ she is graded as exceptional - they will receive top tier pay with a bonus and benefits

    This ensures the trainers are always producing their best at all times - because you deserve it and we want you to get the best out of every course!

    6. The one stop for consulting & sales training - for businesses that are well established with staff we can offer our management consultancy services however, as part of the continuous service when we find a need or issue that relates to training who knows your business better then to research, develop and blend a training pack/ handbook with your business? YES we can do that too!
  • Please view our website at for more information or call our company owner direct on 07855 538 186 for more information!

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