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By: Fishtailparkas  04/11/2010
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The Classic M65 Fishtail Parka:

When looking for a genuine US Army fishtail parka without the M-51 price tag, the M-65 parka with prices starting at
only £99.97 is the one for you.

100% genuine US MIL issue extreme cold weather fishtail parka. The M-65 parka comes complete with removable fur ruff hood and winter lining.

The M-1965 is an excellent Fishtail
Parka, its both warmer and lighter than the M-1951 and will last you for years. The only criticised aspect of the M-65 parka from a "mod" point of view, was the white synthetic fur on the hood. For looks, its simply not the best....and over time, mattes up terrible.

The very first models of M-65 had wolf fur hoods like the M-51 however, due to cost these were dropped almost immediately in favor of the cheaper white synthetic fur.

Therefore, as mod is indeed all about the originality and the right look, we also offer the M-65 with custom re-trimmed wolf fur hoods to give the M-65 back its vintage look. For questions on our fur, where it comes from etc please see our Just know, its safe and legal :)

The M-65 with Wolf Fur hood is indeed the very best thing next to an original M-1951 and at only £169.97, its a steal !

Keywords: Fishtail Parka