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Fire Suppression from Water Mist Science

By: Water Mist Science  23/07/2014
Keywords: fire extinguishers, fire safety training, fire training

Our Water Mist Extinguishers and Water Mist Flood Systems are ideal for kitchens, food preparation areas, computer rooms, power and communications equipment rooms, hospitals, “clean rooms” or for protecting valuable assets (books, documents or archives) etc. Our fire suppression systems, be it portable extinguishers or flood systems, uses state-of-the-art and patented low pressure “water only” technology to provide the most cost effective fire suppression systems in the world…………………. Water Mist extinguishers supplied by Firecrest Watermist Ltd ( operate at low pressure (12 Bar/174 psi) and the high-tech turbo technology nozzle produces a mist stream with droplets 25 microns average diameter up to 4 meters to the fire. As the mist turns to steam from the heat of the fire it takes the energy from the flames and takes away the oxygen to extinguish the fire. Because the de-ionised water is delivered in a mist form, it is dry to the touch avoiding collateral damage to surrounding areas. We only use de-ionised water to fill the extinguisher. No chemical or other residues are left behind after discharge making Water Mist suitable for “clean” environments from laboratories to kitchens!    Water Mist extinguishers are available in 1, 3 and 6 Ltr sizes and are certified to EN3 Classes A, B, C, E and F. Safe for use on power systems up to 100kV and certified to 35kV. In fire suppression the vaporization and cooling are two of the factors critical for fire extinguishing. So this means that a litre of our atomised water will much more effectively extinguish a fire than liquid water, or a competing water mist made up of larger droplets. Furthermore, since essentially all of the mist evaporates in the fire source or surrounding atmosphere, it won’t cause the collateral damage to property like liquid water or large droplet mists.

Keywords: fire extinguishers, fire safety training, fire suppression, fire suppression systems, fire training

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Decontamination and Infection Control

CLEANSEmist systems are capable of generating hundreds of billions of 15 micron-sized droplets from a single litre of solution. In a practical sense, this means the technology can cover hundreds of square meters of a targeted surface area, be they objects, livestock or operating room floors and walls from a small amount of cleansing solution - a fraction of the solution required by current spray technologies. This ensures the penetration of hard-to-reach areas, complex and difficult geometries.

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Dust Suppression

Our low pressure SCRUBmist patented nozzle systems are extremely effective at removing minute airborne dust particles from work environments and serve to improve working conditions for staff and machinery while at the same time vastly decreasing the possibility of workplace dust explosions. Compared to traditional sprinkler type systems that generate drops thousands of times larger and use multiple litres of water per sprinkler per minute, SCRUBmist systems are vastly more effective.