Decontamination and Infection Control

By: Water Mist Science  23/07/2014
Keywords: infection control, decontamination

Decontamination and Infection Control CLEANSEmist low pressure decontamination technology redefines the meaning of efficiency and effectiveness. CLEANSEmist systems are capable of generating hundreds of billions of 15 micron-sized droplets from a single litre of solution. In a practical sense, this means the technology can cover hundreds of square meters of a targeted surface area, be they objects, livestock or operating room floors and walls from a small amount of cleansing solution - a fraction of the solution required by current spray technologies. This ensures the penetration of hard-to-reach areas, complex and difficult geometries and of course the 15 micron droplets take down air borne bacteria! The low pressure patented CLEANSEmist technology is extremely effectively, using the power of electrostatic attraction to insure that all surfaces are thoroughly covered. For example, CLEANSEmist technology requires only 1.5 litres of solution to place a 100 micron thick layer of decontamination solution on a room measuring 5m (16 ft) x 3m (10ft) room with 3 m (10ft) high walls. Traditional technologies would require tens of litres to do the same job. This achievement represents a breakthrough in usage efficiency and effectiveness and reduces costs of decontamination operations significantly. CLEANSEmist systems can atomise Peroxide (H2O2) or any cleansing solution preferred by customers. Depending on the solution used, CLEANSEmist is capable of deactivating: ●  Infections ●  Chemical spills ●  Odours As such, CLEANSEmist is recommended for use in: ●  Hospitals, surgeries and medical facilities ●  Veterinary facilities ●  Schools ●  Restaurants ●  Food processing facilities ●  Warehouses ●  Livestock Farms, building and transport vehicles ●  Sewage treatment facilities ●  Rubbish removal vehicles and facilities

Keywords: decontamination, infection control

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