Energy and Awareness Coach

By: Sensing Beyond  15/05/2011
Keywords: Life coaching, life coach, spiritual healing

Everything we see, hear, smell and feel, all tangible and i ntangible, every thought and emotion, is energy. This energy is all around us, in the particulate world and in every cell of the physical world, when this energy is disrupted, this leads to an unbalanced environment,
it doesn’t matter if it is a person or an object. When there is an energy disturbance both physical and mental bodies will not function optimally.

The reason for your interest in Sensing is probably because you are not comfortablein your own skin, you have unexplained physical complaints, you are depressed, or worse you feel that your life is worthless. You're ready for a change, a boost, an entirely different way of living or you're ready for a well earned rest, to retreat from your busy stressful life.Through a combination of Energy and Awareness coaching we can raise your awareness and energy, making you more confident and are able to enjoy life.

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