The Lustre Clinic, the best beauty care specialists!

The Lustre Clinic, the best beauty care specialists! from Ambicare Health Ltd

By: Ambicare Health Ltd  21/08/2013
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The Lustre Clinic, is a clinic based in Scotland. It has been catering skin care therapies and acne solutions for the ladies. These therapies are Lustre Pro, Lustre Pure Light Classic and Lustre Pure Light Adhesive Strips. They have been very effective in most of the cases. You can find many case studies, well documented on the clinic’s website of the past clients, who were benefitted with these therapies. They have a well qualified and experienced team at the clinic to deal with kind of beauty and acne related issues. Lustre Clinic has been providing quality service to celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Lily Cole, Hannah Cockroft etc. The Lustre Pro therapy throws clinically proven blue lights on the acne affected parts. This therapy hardly takes 20 minutes per day, which can be easily introduced into your daily skin care regime. This therapy is based on a new technology, which is soft on the skin. It gradually reduces the acnes, by fighting the germs causing them. This involves a small device with a slim body, which can be recharged, portable and therapy is given while it is worn. This therapy can be taken along with other acne therapies. This device can be bought online from the company’s website. They have an online shop, which is selling various Lustre pro solutions and devices, which can be used even at home. These therapies have been developed after years of extensive R&D, which has resulted into this end product. The dermatologists and skin care experts have worked hard to develop these therapies using the blue lights on the affected areas. The Lustre online shop also sells packs of Lustre Pure Light Adhesive Strips, which contain 60 strips, meant for onetime use. These strips can be applied on the spots where you have received the Lustre Pro treatment. These strips would last for a month or so. The Clinic has a team of expert Nutritionist, Makeup artists, Hair stylist and other beauty care specialists. They have rich experience of handling complex and tough beauty care issues with success. They have valuable tips and suggestions, which you can incorporate into your lifestyle, so that you look better and feel better. There are highly informative Blogs and Case studies about Lustre Pro therapy and other beauty care tips. You can even speak to their expert, about the acne problem you may be facing or you wish to get back your youthful radiance. You just need to drop an email to Sue Ibrahim or Jan Birch or any other specialist about your case in details. These experts have more than 20-30 years of experience of working in the beauty care industry. They will study your case and then get back to you at the earliest with the possible solutions. They may suggest you a derma roller, chemical peel off, micro dermabrasion or the blue light therapy called the Lustre Pro. You can even refer the testimonials and see the picture gallery, which depicts the successful cases, for whom these therapies have worked like miracles. You can visit the company’s website for glancing through the details or make a call on:- 01506 592239. Website:- Fix up an appointment with their experts today and get back your lost charm once more.

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