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By:   15/02/2009
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 It is a fact that 34% of companies do not check their tape backups — Of those companies that do check them - 77% find tape errors, or complete backup failure.

Everyone knows the importance of a system’s data, but just how safe and secure is yours? In recent times data has been backed using tape-driven backups on a nightly basis. This method often leads to data corruption, especially on older tapes and drives. It is absolutely vital that a company, or organisation’s data is backed-up safely, with emphasis on data integrity. Too many people suffer the heartache, or at best inconvenience of not having a reliable backup system in place.

With online secure data backup, your data is sent securely over the internet to remote data centres. Should you suffer an on-site data failure, or lose even a single file, you can simply restore this file via a easy to use interface. Our application is fully automatic and takes the worry out of keeping your data staff. Data can be restored quickly, whether a single email file—or a complete system recovery. Protect Your Data, Protect Your Business.
Our software application easily installs onto your computer systems, and automatically and reliably sends your data off-site in a secure format. No matter where your data is located, it can seamlessly be integrated into a robust data protection policy. Data validation routines are carried out to ensure the integrity of your data. Backups are taken quickly and efficiently, only sending amended files, with options for multiple file generations to be stored securely. Multi-Platform, Multi-Support . simplifies all aspects of your company’s backup policy. Regardless of your system format and configuration, we safely send your data to secure data centres to eliminate any security issues. Multiplatform servers such as Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux and Novell are easy integrated, as are applications such as Outlook, Exchange, SQL, Oracle and GroupWise. Full administrator control ensures that backup logs and confirmations keep you up to date with exactly how much data you are storing, and notifies of any errors.

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