Creating an appropriate and considered web design and online marketing strategy

By: .bigbang  15/03/2011
Keywords: web design and development, online marketing, content management systems

We take time to discuss what your online ambitions are, and won't try to sell you bells and whistles you don't need. We'd rather your budget focused on the aspects of your web presence that will maximise its benefit to your customers, colleagues, supporters, or whichever other audience you are targeting.

Whilst we can deliver a technically capable, attractive website, we know that being successful online is not all about the site's code and 'geeky stuff', or even how pretty it looks - we can help you plan how and to whom the site (and other online activities) will appeal, and how and why it will function the way it does.  Managing the flow of information in and out of your business online - your brand, reputation, customer support, marketing strategy - these all affect, and are in turn influenced by - your design and system choices.

Abraham Lincoln famously said: "Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe".  We specialise in helping small businesses who understand that being well prepared is half the battle, and work with them to ensure that they make the best choices that their budgetary and time constraints allow, to maximise the return on their (and our!) investment.

If you can commit to the process of representing your project online, we're here to help you make that process as successful and hopefully even as enjoyable as possible.

Keywords: content management systems, custom web site design, online marketing, web design agency, web design and development, web site design services

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