Air Source Heat Pumps

By: IHS (Invisible Heating Systems)  02/12/2010
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IHS Air to Water Heat Pumps use freely available energy in the ambient air to provide Heating and Hot Water - even at temperatures as low as -20C. Manufactured by our Austrian partners, IDM Energie, with whom we've been working for ten years, these Heat Pumps deliver class-leading COPs and are delivering Heating and Hot Water to homes, offices, schools, village halls, hotels - buildings of all types - throughout the UK and Europe.

IHS Air Source Heat Pumps are among the most efficient on the market due to a number of factors, key to which is the manufacturing process which ensures that it has an ability to reduce consumption by only defrosting when actually required.  It has a larger evaporator heat exchanger than many of its competitor models and an extremely powerful radial fan which increases the Heat Pump's output to the maximum.  The unique design guarantees fasr less reliance on costly electric immersion.  This means that a single kW of electricity can generate up to 3.8kW of heat.  For their size, they're Very Quiet - as low as 35dB(A) at 5m.

Available in sizes from 8kW to 33kW, they are capable of delivering 100% heating and hot water, they are ideal combined with underfloor and wall heating, solar thermal and wood-burning stoves.  

All IHS heat pumps also feature Navigator control whichenables remote monitoring via mobile phone or internet.  Navigator also features active weather compensation which allows for total system control and contributes to overall system efficiency.  Further features such as HGL can be combined, delivering extra savings by sending energy back into the heating circuit and delivering hot water at a higher temperature.

IHS heat pumps are combined with the Hygienik Tank/Thermal Store  which delivers fresh, bacteria-free hot water at a temperature between 45-49C.  Other heat sources such as solar panels or wood-burning stoves can also be integrated.

Keywords: Heat Pumps

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