Bowen Technique and Kinetic Chain Release

By: Bowen Therapy Paisley  10/02/2015
Keywords: back pain, back pain relief, pain management

Kinetic Chain Release (KCR) helps to eliminate pain and increases mobility in individuals of all ages, from young children to the elderly. By bringing the body back in to balance Kinetic Chain Release can alleviate a multitude of problems including back, neck and shoulder pain, hip and joint aches and pains, pelvic discomforts, headaches, sports injuries and various musculoskeletal disabilities. Developed by fellow Scot Hugh Gilbert, Kinetic Chain Release is based on various physiotherapy principles and Hughs own innate understanding of the human body and his years of research in to health and wellbeing. It utilises a series of gentle mobilisations of key joints and muscles in the body to bring about postural changes. These changes correct an apparent leg length difference which brings your body back into balance. The results have been described by many who have experienced the treatment as a miracle. Chronic pain and restricted movement can stop you living the life you want to lead. Many individuals have been told and therefore accepted that their aches, pains and ailments will never get better. However, Kinetic Chain Release (KCR) will significantly improve how you feel and perform and will greatly improve your quality of life. What's more, your energy levels will increase dramatically when your body is in balance as many existing physical limitations, pains and ailments simply disappear.

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