By: Business Cost Consultants  14/10/2011
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BCC have met and exceeded our expectations by providing a highly professional, transparent and specialised service. Their level of expertise and industry knowledge is immense and they have not only managed to achieve large savings for Shelter, with respect to our electricity portfolio in what was a very tough market, but have also greatly streamlined the bill validation and payment process for us. BCC continue to provide the high levels of customer service, account management and consistency which are synonymous with their richly deserved reputation.


 “We have used Business Cost Consultants for the past 6 years, starting off with our utilities such as water, electricity and gas and have now extended that service to cover mobile phones and fixed line telecoms. The largest one-off saving which stood out when we moved to a new factory was for the installation of a new gas supply. We had been quoted £56,000 from a particular supplier with a 12-week installation date. Business Cost Consultants renegotiated this with the same supplier to a cost of £36,000 and, crucially, a 6-week installation date.”

 “By accurately monitoring our usages Business Cost Consultants where able to recommended quantifiable cost savings with respect to all utilities with the largest saving to date, centering around our water costs. Due to match day demands we traditionally suffered from water shortages through the course of an event. With the help of Business Cost Consultants this is no longer an issue and perhaps more importantly the ongoing yearly savings associated with these works far outweigh all capital expenditure.”

“The team at BCC have taken over management of our utility contracts and very quickly implemented new agreements that have saved us over 30%. BCC have improved our understanding of the factors affecting utility pricing and are working with us on further cost reduction initiatives that will reduce our expenditure further. I have every confidence that BCC will continue to generate pricing and efficiency savings for our group over the coming years.”

Andrew Taylor (Purchasing Manager, Apex Hotels)

 “BCC have provided a very efficient, professional and cost effective service to Irvine Housing Association and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other companies who are looking to negotiate the best price for their utilities contracts and reduce their overall energy consumption.”

Frank Boyle (Project Manager, Irvine Housing Association)


“Business Cost Consultants provided Scottish Youth Theatre with a swift, professional and cost efficient solution to a long standing problem. Their sense of advocacy, ability to cut through red-tape and determined perseverance were invaluable in dealing with outstanding issues and also putting in place affordable solutions for the future. Not only would we recommend them without question, but have already engaged their services to deal with other utility issues.”


“We never stop being grateful to Business Cost Consultants and only wish they had come into our lives years ago! They have saved our business huge amounts of money. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

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