Portable Appliance Testing

By: Pro Active Electrical Testing  18/02/2009
Keywords: Pat Testing, Appliance Testing, portable appliance

Good documentation is a vital part of the PAT testing process, 
you need to be able to show clearly the results of your testing program. Our testing documentation includes:- 

Daily Failure report, lists the failures we have found at the end of each working day, giving you the opportunity to take the necessary action promptly. 
On completion we provide:- 

Brief overall view of your test program listing the total number of appliances tested the total number of appliances failed and a brief breakdown of any repairs we have carried out. We also highlight any particular areas of concern we have found which need bringing to your attention.

Asset Register which lists all appliances, their location, ID number, test date and status. Pass and Fail Report which lists the same as above but also shows the tests each appliance has been subjected to and the electrical values they have achieved.

Fail Report lists all the failed appliances and fail reasons.
Certificate showing the name of the business and the retest dates.All presented in a neat folder.

Digital copy of the report in spreadsheet format.   

Keywords: Appliance Testing, Pat Testing, portable appliance