Too Many Rods By Derek Stritton Carp Fishing Book

Too Many Rods By Derek Stritton Carp Fishing Book from Fishingbooksender

By: Fishingbooksender  11/11/2011
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“Too Many Rods” is the book Derek Stritton has said he always wanted to write and charts his fishing over a fifty year period. It also records at first hand some of the major developments in carp fishing during the 1970’s and 80’s, including both the boilie and the ‘hair rig’. He fished on a regular basis with Fred Wilton creator of the HNV boilies in the 1970’s and also interviewed Kevin Maddocks, credited with being co inventor of the hair rig, for membership of the British Carp Study Group in the late 1970’s. The book also charts Derek’s efforts to land a first thirty pound carp and the many places he visited and people he met whilst trying to achieve this. Most of all, it includes many stories of a humorous nature that he has recorded for you to enjoy, as it is these he believes stay in his memory long after the size of the fish he last caught. You cannot be around carp fishing for as long as Derek has been without having a view about of how it has developed over the years and in this area he not been backward in expressing his views if at times contraversial. This is not your usual “went here, caught that” type of book that so many people write these days, or “this is how I tie my rigs,” but instead it charts how fishing, and carp fishing in particular has interacted with Derek’s life over some half century. Read and enjoy! Please read an extract below Wilton Days and Wilton Ways: I couldn’t let the writing of this book pass without recording some of the many memories I have of Fred Wilton and the time I spent fishing with him and other members of his group of friends. The close season, when Alan King and I were invited to join with Fred, Bob Morris, Robin Monday and Len Burgess in their baiting exploits, was about the most exciting I can ever remember. Firstly there was the sourcing of bait ingredients, which was always a problematic and expensive business. During those early times we all used to meet up at Fred’s Abbey Wood flat and drive his poor wife Joan to distraction. The reason for this was that we took over her kitchen to make up batches of bait to take to the lakes late at night to bait up. I mentioned earlier that the powder ingredients were mixed in ten ounce batches. This was because this mixed exactly with six beaten eggs and our liquid flavour source into an easily rolled mix. Because Fred was intent that our baits would not be devoured by many of the smaller Carp that were around at the time, he insisted that we rolled ten baits to each 10 ounce mix. These were huge baits, even for those times, and we cooked them in boiling water for up to a minute and a half to skin them appropriately. Catapults of the time were hardly up to launching baits of this size into the wide blue yonder, and as a group we went through miles of catapult elastic. Then one day Robin Monday came up with an excellent idea for baiting up. We simply taped a tea strainer to the tip of a beach caster rod and launched the baits out throwing stick style. In fact this probably was the forerunner of throwing sticks! But back to Fred’s kitchen before I get carried away with myself. One of my abiding memories of these joint bait making sessions was when we got to the end of a ten ounce batch and had a small amount of paste left over. Bob and I were always trying to get away with making a smaller boilie as we knew this would prove attractive to the smaller carp and increase the number of takes we got. Fred would always seek them out and remove them from the batch, even when we thought we’d managed to sneek a couple through, Fred always sorted them before we got to the lake! We always laughed about it, but seldom did anyone get one over on Fred. Hardbacks £29.95 plus £5 P&P. Leathers are £185 plus £10 P&P (Special delivery)

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