Workplace Investigations

By: IamHR  11/01/2016
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Experience Employment Investigations are an inevitable aspect in modern organisations; and include Whistle-blowing, Misconduct, Grievance, Fairness & Dignity at Work or Performance Capability matters. No two investigations are ever the same and at IamHR as experienced investigators with significant employment law knowledge we can provide you with reassurance you will receive a robust and objective service. Speed Investigations are time consuming for busy professionals and managers and that’s where we can offer value. Because of our experience we can often reduce timescales by advising on the reasonable scope of an investigation, the number of witnesses identified and prioritising your investigation while you progress a multitude of other work. Wellbeing Investigations are often stressful for those involved in them, and this is another reason to prioritise them. If you have suspended employees while investigations are ongoing they are being paid for as long as the investigation takes. At IamHR we have completed an investigation in a week, allowing the organisation to review suspension and quickly make a decision on whether there was a case to answer. Keeping it Simple Investigations can quickly become complex, particularly if an employee is being investigated on conduct matters resulting from a whistle-blowing complaint and they submit a Grievance or Dignity at Work complaint with a potentially discriminatory element. In these circumstances inexperienced managers leading investigations can make mistakes in process and procedure that are costly to the organisation if matters are later taken to an employment tribunal. At IamHR we have significant experience of complex investigations and can help you to avoid these costly mistakes. Objectivity Individuals acting as investigator for an organisation have to approach the investigation from an objective perspective. This can be more difficult to achieve if the officer has knowledge of the team and/or the wider organisation. At IamHR our investigators pride themselves on their objectivity, providing an independent, credible assessment of the evidence collected. Fair & Confidential It is the responsibility of the investigator to ensure policies and procedures have been properly followed and that the investigation process is fair and transparent. The investigator also ensures confidentiality is protected within the investigation remit involving only any managers who need to make a decision on the case. These are skills that develop over time as an investigator and at IamHR we can give our assurance these are always paramount in all investigations we undertake for you. Lead Consultant Lesley Rossiter, our lead consultant is a chartered member of the CIPD and MBA qualified with 10 years experience in this field, having conducted numerous and complex investigations in all areas of employment matters and general complaints. Lesley has sat on a significant number of dismissal and dismissal appeal panels and presented evidence to Employment Tribunal’s. Even if Lesley is not your allocated investigator she oversees all investigations and ensures investigators commissioned to conduct an investigation within your organisation are trained, experienced and confident enough to deliver the standards that IamHR are renowned for. [email protected] or 0751 662 0962

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