By: IamHR  11/01/2016
Keywords: mediation, dispute resolution, family mediation

Mediation Mediation is a method of resolving disputes. In the workplace these tend to be focussed on relationships between individuals and/or teams and specific barriers to agreement. Utilising the services of an independent mediator can assist organisations to objectively understand problems and barriers with moving forward; work on providing solutions to those situations; and result in agreeing ways forward for the future that result in improved organisational performance. Iamhr can provide organisations with experienced mediators to work with organisations to develop their practice and train mediators as well as provide mediation. Individuals Using mediation to resolve difficulties that have arisen between individuals in their relationships with others in the team is a common practice in organisations. Some organisations have trained mediators within their organisations that they utilise to work with individuals on a one to one basis and then bringing both individuals together to develop an understanding and agree a way forward to work together in the future. Iamhr can work with your organisation in the same way if you don’t have trained mediators or if your mediators do not have capacity to deal with some of the cases you have arising currently. Team Mediation between teams can work in several ways. In the same way as mediating between individuals experienced mediators such as those we have available at IamHR can work on a one to one basis with each individual to understand what barriers they have in place to working effectively either with one or more person in their team; then bring the team together to talk about those barriers and how they develop and agree ways of working together in the future. Team mediation can also include the development and implementation of activities designed to achieve these levels of understanding on a one to one and/or group basis as well as team building activities designed to understand how the team could work together more effectively in the future. Conflict Management Mediation specific to conflict management utilises a similar approach to the mediation styles outlined above. However, where there is specific conflict between individuals or groups mediation will focus on the area of ‘conflict’ more specifically rather than just overcoming barriers to working together. This will look at the potential reasons for conflict, personal working styles and understanding what lies in individual personalities that may result in areas of conflict. Once this has been broken down and an understanding of one another has been achieved the individual relationships can again be built up afresh with this renewed understanding. This can be achieved through informal ‘contracts’ to work together developed by individuals and teams themselves as well as undertaking team building activities designed to break down barriers and achieve improved working relationships. Lead Consultant Lesley Rossiter, our lead consultant, has 10 years experience in this field. Lesley has been trained as a mediator in conflict management and conciliation and a coach. Even if Lesley is not your allocated mediator she oversees all such assignments and ensures consultants commissioned to undertake assignments within your organisation are trained, experienced and confident enough to deliver the standards that IamHR are renowned for. Contact [email protected] or 0751 662 0962

Keywords: alternative dispute resolution, dispute resolution, family mediation, mediation

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