Present-day Priestess Workshop, November 26th & 27th 2016

Present-day Priestess Workshop, November 26th & 27th 2016 from Triple Moon

By: Triple Moon  11/10/2016

Once the women who walked the path of Priestess were influential in their societies, and they were sought out by rulers for their compassionate wisdom, guidance, healing and deep connection to Spirit. It’s now time for us to stand in that power again as leaders. She is asking us to realise our full potential and live our soul purpose, using our unique gifts and talents to serve the world as the embodied Divine One. In this two day workshop we’ll use techniques from a variety of wisdom traditions to: Dissolve guilt, shame or self-judgement that prevents you from seeing your own magnificence Reclaim your innocence Understand the magic and power of your body and womb Honour and balance the sacred masculine and sacred feminine within Experience your multidimensional Self and connection with all sentient beings Remember your soul purpose and divine gifts This weekend will lead into circle work on the new and full moons for those who hear Her call to dive deeper. What you need: You will need to bring a comfortable cushion to sit on, a blanket or warm shawl, a journal or notebook in which to record your experiences and work, and a packed lunch. I’ll provide refreshments. Where is it: Builth Wells Powys Fee: £120 for the two days. To book: This weekend is limited to 8, so a deposit of £30 is necessary to book your place. Once this workshop is full your name will be added to the list for the next one. Please email me at [email protected] or call me on 02921 253339 prior to booking.