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By: Powys Yoga   05/01/2011
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201 Tips, Tools & Templates For Yoga Teachers Including The 15 Minute Lesson Plan System Packed On One CD

The Yoga Teacher Busines Kit was created by me, George Watts, a full time yoga teacher and former business consultant.

With over ’201 Tips, Tools & Templates for Yoga Teachers’, you have at your fingertips everything you need to build your yoga teacher business giving you instant solutions to the kinds of challenges you’ll likely face in your yoga business including:

    * Business Plan
    * Marketing Plan
    * Lesson Plans
    * 15 Minute Lesson Plan System
    * Yoga Stick Men
    * Tutorials
    * Templates
    * Forms
    * Handouts
    * and many more

. . . all designed to help grow your yoga teacher business.

The Yoga Teacher Business Kit includes every resource you need to get more students to your yoga classes, courses, workshops or retreats.   It’s taken hundreds of hours to compile and could easily be sold as a yoga teacher business training module for £497.

Every resource was created by a yoga teacher!

All the forms and templates are in Microsoft Word – which makes them easy to edit, print and use.

Lesson plan in under 15 minutes system:  One of the biggest problems for yoga teachers is the time spent creating lesson plans.  On average a yoga teacher spends 164 hours a year on their lesson plans.  With our lesson plan system (using Microsoft Word) you’ll be able to create a lesson plan in under 15 minutes using our easy to use, copy and paste asanas.

The Yoga Teacher Business Kit includes:

    * 15 minute lesson plan system
    * 209 yoga stick men in Microsoft Word
    * Over 100 step by step marketing strategies for yoga teachers
    * 10 lesson plan templates in Microsoft Word.  To download a PDF version click here.
    * 1 yoga teacher business plan in Microsoft Word
    * 1 yoga teacher marketing plan in Microsoft Word
    * 1 yoga teacher forum (great place to interact with other yoga teachers)
    * Top 7 revenue streams for yoga teachers (step-by-step tutorials in Microsoft Word)
    * 9 steps to set up a yoga day in Microsoft Word
    * 1 yoga day/retreat kit (booking & evaluation form, poster, schedule & tickets in Microsoft Word)
    * 4 steps to create a yoga class handout that will double your class income in 1 year
    * Top 10 venues for your yoga classes
    * Where to get 1000 glossy postcards printed for under £35
    * 107 mp3s (each 30 to 90 minutes long) of yoga teachers teaching their yoga classes
    * 5 steps to create a visually attractive yoga e-Newsletter for free
    * 3 steps to find a profitable and enjoyable yoga niche (e.g. sports yoga)
    * 7 best places to advertise your yoga classes/retreats online
    * 5 steps to triple your one-to-one yoga clients this year
    * 4 steps to increase your class size by 33% with 1 phone call
    * 3 steps to get local athletes (rugby, football, etc) to come to your yoga classes
    * Top 3 places online to write yoga articles
    * 3 prospecting letter templates (send to schools, football clubs & rugby clubs)
    * 3 steps to getting local ramblers (walkers) to your yoga classes
    * Top 12 businesses to buddy up with. They’ll give you a stream of students for free
    * 8 steps to creating & uploading a short yoga video to Youtube
    * 3 yoga brochures in Microsoft Word
    * 7 yoga flyers in Microsoft Word (A4, A5 & A6)
    * 8 attractive yoga letterhead templates in Microsoft Word
    * 1 classified yoga advert in Microsoft Word
    * 1 student questionairre in Microsoft Word
    * 9 yoga powerpoint presentations
    * 14 yoga ebooks including the Bhagavad Gita
    * 4 steps to writing yoga articles for papers and magazines
    * 6 ways to ethically bribe your students with discounts
    * 4 steps to getting a local business advisor for free
    * 4 steps to get 250 business cards for free
    * Yoga stick man handout #1 (16 backbend postures) in Microsoft Word
    * Yoga stick man handout #2 (16 balancing postures) in Microsoft Word
    * Yoga stick man handout #3 (25 forward folds) in Microsoft Word
    * Yoga stick man handout #4 (31 hip openers) in Microsoft Word
    * Yoga stick man handout #5 (17 inversions) in Microsoft Word
    * Yoga stick man handout #6 (12 standing postures) in Microsoft Word
    * Yoga stick man handout #7 (sun salutations) in Microsoft Word
    * Yoga stick man handout #8 (24 twist postures) in Microsoft Word
    * Yoga stick man handout #9 (warrior/triangle sequence) in Microsoft Word
    * AZ Yoga Therapies handout – Asthma to Wind pains
    * And much much more . . . more than 200 resources in all.


I am presently attending a teacher training course with the British Wheel of Yoga and have found the Yoga Teacher Business Kit, created by George Watts to be of immense value and the information it contains is very impressive and saves a lot of time especially the help with lesson plans and I really love the stick men.”

– Annette (UK Yoga Teacher)

“For the past three hours, I have been glued to my computer screen downloading useful templates and watching the video tutorials… don’t walk, but RUN to the order page and purchase a year’s membership today. You won’t regret it.”

– Eva (Norweigan Yoga Teacher)

“Amazing resource! I used to spend hours fiddling around trying to create yoga posters, lesson plans, class handouts. Now all I need to do is download a template and edit it. Wonderful job George.”

– Joy (UK Yoga Teacher)

“Thanks for saving me a lot of time and money!!”

– Amanda (UK Yoga Teacher)

“I am enjoying integrating the (George Watts) Yoga Teacher’s Business Kit tools into my teaching & development – it saves time & delivers value.  The ease and simplicity of the copy and paste asanas creates lesson plans almost instantly and the additional ongoing yoga, business & marketing resources – makes this an outstanding package.  Thankyou George.”

– Clare (Australian Yoga Teacher)

“”The yoga teacher business kit is quite simply a *must have resource* for any yoga teacher no matter how long they’ve been a teacher.   The 15 minute lesson plan system is a lie.  The other day I did a lesson plan in 11 minutes.   Amazing!   The marketing plan with over 50 easy to apply yoga teacher marketing strategies is worth its weight in gold.    And that’s just the tip of the iceburg.  This remarkable kit really does contain every resource I need to build a more successful yoga business.”

– Emily (Canadian Yoga Teacher)

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