Rapid Weight Loss at All AboutW8 Perthshire

By: All About W8 Perthshire  13/12/2009
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All About W8 Perthshire offers clients 5 different weight loss programmes using a combination of fully nutricous meal replacement paks and low carb llow G.I foods. Our 4 main programmes are vlcd's (very low calorie diet) which will provide you with an average of 800kcals per day. By lowering your intake of carbohydrate and by having 100% RDA provided by the mealpaks clients will enter ketosis (fat burning) after a few days and once in this state ketosis acts as an appetite suppressant. .

As with all diets All About W8 Perthshire recommends notifying your G.P prior to commencing a weight loss programme. All About W8 Perthhire can also now offer our 5th programme W8 for Life which is an LCD (low calorie diet) providing you with at least 1200kcals per day and by using 2 of our nutritous mealpaks you are provided with 50%RDA and the other 50% is provided by using our low carb low G.I food lists.

All About W8 Perthshire is now open 5 days per week from our new clinic at Friarton House Perth Harbour. You don't need an apointmnt so check out our opening times on the website and pop in for a free BMI check today.

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