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By: Compressor Valves & Plates Services  10/11/2010
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 We manufacture replacement Piston Rod from various types of Alloy Steel depending on combined Loading , stress level and composition of Gas handled by your Compressor. To offset excessive wear and tear in Packing Area of Piston Rod we follow a variety of suitable Surface treatment and coatings according to its frictional forces. Checking of threads, tapers, collars on the Piston Rod are done by "GO" or "NO GO" gauges.

Professional Expertise, coupled with experience, enabled us to find out the root causes of the failure of      expected   performance of different equipments and their components  .over the years  we gained thorough knowledge of design of each part of the equipments and we maintain the standard materials  and parameters.This ensures best performance of the equipments as well as economic value. We are whole heartedly devoted to our profession, rather than money-spinners. We installed sophisticatedMachineries and Testing Equipments and engaged highly Qualified Technicians in order to achieve highest standard in production. We are constantly searching way to improve our overall production. We  are manufacturer and Exporter of regular spares like Compressor Valve Assemblies and its Components,Pistons, Piston Rings , Rider Rings, Rod Packing Rings,  Piston Rod, Cylinders, Coolers ,Bearings, Crankshaft, Filters .and Gaskets etc. as per customers specific requirement for high pressure, multi-stages non-lubricating   Air & Gas COMPRESSORS  & Liquid PUMPS of different Models and Sizes manufactured in any part of the World           We also manufacture the following items in any capacity and size as per buyers’ Specific requirements:MAIN EXCHANGER, CONDENSER, VAPOURISATION COOLER, PRECOOLER, FREON EXCHANGER, INTER/ AFTER COOLER,   TOP / BOTTOM COOLER, SUBCOOLER  ETC. 

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