Small Furry Animal Subscription

Small Furry Animal Subscription from

By:  03/06/2009
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Small Furry Animal Breeders Subscription

Each breeder is provided with a U-Space profile which will hold all relevant information about you as a breeder. Your ethos, standards, experience, previous litters, your bloodlines or anything else you wish to let your future clients know. If you log on to and click on the 'example profile' and 'listing' links you will better see what you can acheive with your listings and profile. The yearly subscription cost for dog breeders is only £15 this is as little as less than 5p per day, this is the only money you will pay to create your listings and profile. Therre are no add on costs for uploading logos, pictures, video footage or5 making changes. You will be in complete control of your profile and listings. Each breeder will be invited to assist our online community to make small changes to animal wellfare through providing advice or sharing your experiences in our forum and writing articles for the pet care section as an invaluable source of information to those whishing or having pets. Hopefully people will become better informed and we can help to break the cycle of ill treatment.

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