Cornerstone Access Control

By: Argus Global  25/01/2011
Keywords: access control systems, Biometric Software

Using biometric technology, Cornerstone Access Control improves identification and authorisation processes across a wide range of business and social environments.

Access Control allows you to define when, where and how people can gain access – while keeping you informed of personnel whereabouts at all times. Access Control is commonly used to manage access to sensitive areas, such as server and computer rooms, or high risk areas and is commonly  deployed by government agencies, where security of information is paramount.

Access Control is designed to provide complete control and visibility of people’s movements, to reduce the risks associated with unauthorised access and increase accountability for individuals’ actions.

As a 'biometrically agnostic' system, Access Control integrates with all leading biometric technologies, including Morpho, CrossMatch, AOptix and Iris ID (formerly LG). Due to highly flexible system architecture, the system will easily integrate with multi-modal biometrics, as well as existing security and building management systems. This ensures that organisations select the technology most appropriate to their needs, while protecting both existing and future investments.

Keywords: access control systems, Biometric Software