TM AQUARIUM fish food


By: TM AQUARIUM  13/03/2015
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Axolotyl Sticks 135gm £4.37 Carnivore (Sinking tablet for rays, catfish etc) £8.92 Cichlid Sticks Red and Green 90gm £4.49 Koi Growth and colour pellet 350gm £8.54 Malawi Flake 200gm £9.17 Malawi Flake 50gm £3.94 Mikrovit Basic 35g £3.47 Mikrovit Hi Protein 35gm £3.94 Red Micro (FD Bloodworm) 7.5gm £4.17 Shrimp feeding sticks 55gm £3.79 Spirutabin 360 tablets £9.83 Spirutabin 90 tablets £3.78 Spirutabin A Super 170gm £13.38 Sterlet Food 650gm £7.59 Supertabin 900gm £25.63 Supertabin A (90 tablets) £2.59 Supervit Granulat 55gm £2.28 Tropical Flake 55gm £2.84 Tropical 3 Algae Flake Food 20gm £2.03 Tropical Betta Food 17.5gm £3.51 Tropical Biorept Tortoise Food 28gm £1.68 Tropical Biorept Tortoise Food 70gm £3.02 Tropical Biorept Turtle Food 30gm £2.80 Tropical Biorept Turtle Food 75gm £3.75 Tropical Carnivore Food 1.8kg £40.66 Tropical Cichlid & Arowana stick food 90gm £4.70 Tropical Cichlid colour flake food 25gm £2.56 Tropical Cichlid Granulated Food 138gm £5.27 Tropical Chichlid Granulated Food 55gm £3.18 Tropical D-Allio 25gm £2.56 Tropical D-Allio Adhesive tablet food £4.55 Tropical Discus Gran D-50 Plus 38gm £2.56 Tropical Discus Regular Flake food 55gm £4.70 Tropical Flake 220gm £7.06 Tropical Flower Horn Adult Pellet food 190gm £8.07 Tropical Gammarus food 15gm £2.80 Tropical Gammarus food 28gm £3.90 Tropical Granulat food 50gm £1.99 Tropical granulated Discus food 550gm £9.39 Tropical Green Algae wafer food 113gm £5.82 Tropical Green Algae wafer food 2.25kg £62.29 Tropical Green Algae wafer food 450gm £13.16 Tropical Green Algae Wafer food 48gm £2.90 Tropical Guppy flake food 35gm £3.47 Tropical Ichtio-vit Flake food 25gm £1.37 Tropical Kelp Algae Flake food 25gm £2.34 Tropical Mini Mix wafer food 55gm £3.51 Tropical mini mix wafer food 18gm £1.02 Tropical nano shrimp stick food 10gm £1.60 Tropical ovo-vit fry food 20gm £1.29 Tropical Parrot Cichlid flake food 55gm £3.81 Tropical Pleco tablet food 695gm £37.65 Tropical Pleco tablets 135gm £9.44 Tropical Pleco Tablets 30gm £4.38 Tropical Red Micro colour sticks 32gm £2.59 Tropical Repto Tablet turtle food 116gm £2.84 Tropical Spirulina Flake food 220gm £12.05 Tropical Spirulina Flake food 50gm £3.30 Tropical Spirulina granulat food 38gm £2.60 Tropical Spirulina granulat food 600gm £13.23 Tropical Spirulina granulat food 60gm £2.70 Tropical Spirulina Super Forte Gran food 56gm £5.35 Tropical Spirulina Super Forte Gran food 200gm £15.60 Tropical Supertabin A (360 tablets) £7.06 Tropical Supervit Flake 50gm £2.90 Tropical Supervit Tablets 150gm £5.99 Tropical Tanganyikan Flake food 220gm £9.21 Tropical Tanganyikan Flake food 55gm £3.51 Tropical Welsi Gran 65gm £2.25 Tropical Pleco tablet food 135gm £11.10 Tubi Cubi Tubiflex Cubes 14.5gm £3.32 Tubivit Flake Food 25gm £1.88 Vegetabin A 90 tablets £2.74 Weekend Food 20gm £1.72

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