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By: Reiki Healing, Reiki Courses, Life Coachig, Massage Therapy  12/12/2015
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‘Life changing, unique! I feel like a new person afterwards. Amazing healing and a beautiful light soul! Thank you!’ Amo, Reading   ‘ I don’t know how to begin to thank you, or to describe the feelings of peace and calm, well-being and joy which you bring with your wonderful gift of healing. I have felt a huge sense of freedom, relief and hope since my session with you.This comes from my heart, Paola. Thank you so very much. With love, Claire’ Claire, Blackwater     ‘ I found Paola through the internet and the healing session with her was just wonderful. She helps people to release their pain and tension and to come back to their true nature. I’m glad I met such a strong and lovely person. Love, Mima’ Mima, Oxford     ‘Paola is such a good coach and healer. She is the best I know, I don’t know anyone who is as good as she is, she really goes deep and to the heart’ Stefania, Italy     ‘I was lucky enough to have a Reiki healing and chakra feedback session with Paola at a yoga retreat and it was amazing. Paola is such a warm, loving person and I instantly felt at ease and accepted. The advice and guidance she gave me really helped and her words really resonated with me. My energy felt more positive and harmonised afterwards. I regularly come back to what she said and the feelings she gave me and I instantly feel more positive. I would definitely recommend Paola’ Sarah, Reading   ‘At a time of great transition Paola supported me emotionally and physically with her great gifts of healing and compassion. She has allowed me through her work to be at one again with myself and the Universe. I am so truly blessed that she has been part of my healing journey’ Jo Frank, Oxford   ‘ I just wanted to say thank you to you Paola Bisicchia – you gave me the mental healing and energy when I was depressed and confused and was the instigator in me realising what I needed to do to make the changes that I have done. I am soo much happier already just doing the things that I enjoy! Thank you and hope to see you again soon x’ Nicola, Oxford Testimonials for Massage ‘Thank you Paola, what a wonderful, relaxing experience. I knew I wanted a massage but didn’t realize how much my body needed it until feeling so amazing after! You have a powerful touch that my senses responded gratefully to. I will be coming back for more!’ Adam, Oxford     ‘Thank you Paola, the massage was wonderful, I have never felt so relaxed before!’ John, Oxford     ‘Your massage is amazing, you’ve got angel’s hands!’ Charlotte, Oxford   ‘It’s very hard to find a good holistic therapist and healer in Oxford. I was so glad when I found Paola and opted for the Indian Heasd Massage. It was amazing! Especially finishing with some Reiki healing. I have felt the benefits ever since; feeling more positive, sleeping better, no more headaches! I could go on. Definitely worth a visit’ Sophie, Oxford   ‘I had an Indian head massage with Paola last week and I have felt completely relaxed ever since. She has a wonderful healing touch and calming presence, and I really felt like I traveled to another world! I would highly recommend a treatment from her to anyone who needs to relax, sleep better and generally feel more positive. Thanks Paola!” Mary, Oxford ‘The Indian head massage with Paola was simply magical! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect in the beginning and then I didn’t want it to end! I was so relaxed after it! I would definitely recommend her!’ R.M, Reading    “I had been struggling with my sleep for many months, and was very stressed, carrying pain in my neck, head and shoulders on a daily basis.  After just 1 Indian Head Massage with Paola, I slept through the night for the next 3 nights, had little to no pain in my neck and shoulders, and my headaches had reduced in length and frequency.  It really was quite amazing.  Paola made me feel so comfortable straight away, and is just such a wonderful positive person to spend time with.” Tamsin, Ditcot

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