Stone sculptures

Stone sculptures from Frederic Chevarin MEng ARBS

By: Frederic Chevarin MEng ARBS  08/09/2010
Keywords: artist, stone, Fine Art


A block of alabaster doesn’t give away its secret easily, but during the carving process, something extraordinary happens: once the alabaster is sanded and looking extremely fragile, the secret is released and we can see the sun’s light shining through. What a discovery and a fairy tale! And everyone who looks at my creations can appreciate the metamorphosis of the material: stone becomes light itself and there is no need to explain, conceptualize or demonstrate anything.

This is my work, my passion and my utter desire to share this fantastic discovery, showing how much I love stone, working with these blocks of rocks, I love going to the limits, wrestling with the fear of breaking, because it is worth the risk, going further, putting the effort, leaving the comfort zone to lead an artistic experience to the edge.

It is not about tools or machines, stone or nature, technical abilities or strength of the mind, it is about living a passion, keeping the soul eager to progress, searching for one’s feelings to go upwards, to lead a true life without compromising the inner self.

Keywords: artist, Fine Art, limestone, Marble, Sculpture Artist, sculptures, stone

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