Tuning of Pipe Organs

Tuning of Pipe Organs from Brian Carlick

By: Brian Carlick  16/10/2010
Keywords: musical instruments

I tune and maintain the organs in a number of churches (and a couple of private venues) in and around Oxfordshire. I mainly work in the villages. I have been doing this work for about 30 years but I started with a general interest in the history of musical instruments. Before I became an organ tuner I made Early Woodwind Instruments such as Gemshorns and Three-hole Pipes. I also constructed a kit spinet and owned a harpsichord. I have worked on small reed organs. I am a local village church organist mainly playing for regular services in the villages near where I live. I was responsible for building or rebuilding the small organs I play and also enjoy playing the French Harmonium in Murcott Mission Room once per month. I occasionally play the organs in villages further afield mainly for weddings and funerals.

While electronic instruments seem to be attractive to some people who cannot discern the difference between a genuine wind or stringed instrument and a device that produces sound through loudspeakers I find them lacking and therefore I am not happy to play them. I am unqualified and uninterested in maintaining them. I am quite often asked by people who have older home enertainment electronic organs whether I know a good home for them when they are unwanted. I have to restrain when replying!

Keywords: musical instruments