HRS Management to manage Health and Safety

By: HRS Management Ltd  05/01/2011


Tired of hearing ‘Health and Safety this…and you must do that’?…   HRS Management sorts fact from fiction and reality from myth! No more confusion!   We keep you updated with sensible advice on all your Health & Safety, and Risk Management needs.   Allowing you to get on with business!!
In-house Health & Safety teams? No problem, together we keep you on top of the constant changes.

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Remember Health & Safety may be a pain, but you don't have to endure it!!  It is NO ACCIDENT that our clients are better off, because they are freed up to concentrate on their business.    

Phone HRS now on 07884005420 and we will provide for you Free of Charge the Accident Book and H & S posters you need for your compliance, when we do your audit. This offer ends 31st January 2011.