Leadership Compass

By: Swan Consulting  02/04/2009
Keywords: Leadership Compass

 Seminar 1 The Personal Compass© For a leader to make sense of the complexities of the business world, and provide the focus and direction for people, a leader first needs to understand his or her own purpose, values and vision as a leader. Some call this visionary leadership. The Personal Compass© is a business oriented planning model, which enables each individual to create their plan to be a visionary leader. What is required in this seminar is the ability to turn and face some of the hard facts about what is standing in the way of being a visionary leader of the future. Are you being a Leader or just doing leadership tasks?

Seminar 2 Leading with Intelligence© There has been much written and spoken about in relation to the intelligences a leader uses to create a high performing organisation. Using IQ a leader accumulates and develops many ‘technical’ business skills and competencies. However as the complexity of the business world has increased, leaders have realised that using IQ alone is not sufficient to differentiate them, or their business. So, finding a new winning formula is required, this is Leading with Intelligence©. In this seminar the focus is on developing Emotional Intelligence (EQ). This is not a passing fad, nor just the management speak of the moment. There are numerous studies and accounts that demonstrate the importance of this leadership attribute. By using the EQ Compass© personal qualities such as collaborative influencing, relatedness and the magic of empathy and rapport are developed. What is required in this seminar is the acumen to observe, manage and integrate Emotional Intelligence into the leadership formula that connects people, and creates meaning. Do you connect with your people or just transact with them?

Seminar 3 Coaching for Potential© How often do you turn potential into bottom line ROI? When a leader uses his or her character to inspire rather than instruct an individual to achieve exceptional performance, great results can be achieved. Developing the alertness and the practices to coach people is central to being an inspirational leader. In this third seminar the Coaching Compass© is used to cultivate capabilities of being a Leader-coach. This attribute is a strategic component of leadership, which transforms people potential into tangible returns. Following the completion of this seminar leaders are alert to the possibilities of developing people potential, and are active in doing so.

Keywords: Leadership Compass