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Beginners Training Classes from Positive Pets Dog Training and Puppy Socialisation Sessions

By: Positive Pets Dog Training and Puppy Socialisation Sessions  22/11/2010
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The Positive Pets beginner course is a six week course for anyone who wants a well behaved dog. The classes focus on teaching skills that you and your dog will need in real life.

Up-to-date methods will be explained, demonstrated and tried out in the sessions and each week you will be given something to practise at home to help get the best out of your dog.You will also receive hand-outs which form a written guide to training your dog. Sessions can be flexible to discuss and resolve any problems you have had with your dog and free email advice will be available for anyone on the beginners course who is experiencing problems outside of group sessions.

-Come when called, sit, lie down and stay. Help and practise to achieve the basic control that will help keep your dog safe throughout its life. With a focus on real life situations, at Positive Pets you can learn how to achieve a reliable response to the commands, even when your dog is distracted by something that he/she enjoys.  

-Walk on a loose lead. With loose lead walking you can get the most out of walks with your dog and can enjoy taking your pet out and about.

-Settle down when you are busy. Whether you are working around the house, preparing or eating dinner, on the phone, or just trying to watch tv with a cup of tea, at beginners classes you can learn to teach your dog to lie down quietly without pestering you or causing a disturbance.

-How to behave around dogs, people, bikes, livestock, etc. It is not always safe or desirable for your dog to approach everyone and anything that you come across, beginners classes will teach the skills to prevent your dog from getting into trouble when out and about.

-Leave objects alone and drop things on command. Dogs will learn to leave anything from food to your sock, from pencils to garden stones. Not only when you are around but also when you are out of sight.

-Enjoy grooming, nail clipping, teeth cleaning etc. Learn an easy to use method of changing your dog's perceptions of necessary procedures, meaning you will not need to fight against, muzzle or upset your dog to perform these procedures.

You will also be given coaching on jumping up, begging, attention seeking, barking, toilet training, leaving your dog alone, getting on/off the furniture and any other problems you may have encountered.


For more information and beginners class FAQs please visit my website.

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