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By: Oxfordshire Paranormal Investigation Society  16/09/2011
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Private residence, Betws, Ammanford, Carms

Date - 28th August 2011
Members in attendance: Andy, Kat and the client
Items used Digital Camera and voice recorder.

It was a cold, overcast night and I went to meet the client of an Victorian 3 bed detached house. Our client had recently moved in but knew the previous When I was a child I had always wanted to investigate this property and the current tenant allowed me too. I asked what type of activity has been happening and I asked the client to show me where the activity had happened? There were reports of activity in the Parlour a face which I have seen personally. The client, when asked where the most active place was, the client could not confirm, but listed the below notable activity.

I have seen the face of a male who looked angry. This is just as I was passing. It is also know for it cooler temperature than the rest of the house whether spirits were here or just the bay windows we wanted to find out.
Living Room:
It has been rumoured that at night you hear ghostly conversations in the middle of the night when the tenants are in bed.This was heard on the first night the clients had moved in
The sounds of footsteps up the and down the stairs. Scraping sounds on the banister

Unfortunately, we only had a digital recorder and a digital camera and due to timing restrictions we only investigated for 1 hour. I had forgotten the Camcorders so no video footage. (although the client has expressed she would be happy for us to do a follow up investigation.)

We had started in the clients living room we had carried out a 10 – 15 minute EVP session with the general questions being asked, i.e. do you live here? Katherine was taking pictures of the room so it will be interesting to see them. Upon play back of the recording nothing was heard. I had also went into the kitchen and took a couple of photos there.


After the living room we ventured upstairs on the landing carried out another EVP session inviting the entity or spirit to “have their picture taken with us” and asked the basic enquiring questions, nothing of note happened or anything on the VR next we ventured into the back bedroom to carry out another EVP session again this proved fruitless maybe the spirits were not feeling like conversation. One thing that did occur was that even though the room was dark it seemed darker than normal darkness upon discussing this afterwards it was not just me that noticed this we all did. I do not have any explanation why this happened as when we were in the living room it was normal darkness and was directly below the bedroom toward the back of the house.


For our final section of the investigation we headed into the parlour which was used as a store room as the client had just moved in I notice instantly that it was at least a degree colder, upon further investigation we checked the windows no noticeable draft came through. We carried out our EVP work and Kat all of a sudden shivered and advised her arms were goose-pimply both the client and I could feel them although were not affected. I enquired we might need to check the seals on the windows which we did the following morning and all were intact. After an additional 10 minutes in the parlour there was one other instance of cold spots and just Katherine was affected again.


Comments & Findings

Clearly an interesting case and OPIS would love to go back there with more equipment (and maybe our camcorders this time) and reinvestigate the venue. Looking through the photos especially in the kitchen there were what seemed like orbs toward the lower right upon close investigation it was a saucepan lid that had fallen on the floor and was reflecting the flash. We had one hit during the EVP session in the parlour. It was in direct response to my comment of the window seals it was a definite voice saying no, ah or sighing it is not possible to tell whether it was male or female and it is not one of the investigators as nobody heard it at the time of recording. It is difficult to say for definite if this place is haunted as one EVP event is not hard evidence. I am sure further investigation will prove one way or another

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