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By: UK Thermography  03/04/2014
Keywords: thermal imaging, Non Destructive Testing, plant maintenance

As part of routine maintenance electrical Thermal imaging is an indispensable tool to find faults before visible damage or fire occurs. Many components appear visually ok on initial inspection and can also function test ok however, some faults are only discovered when it is too late, or catastrophic failure occurs. This can lead to costly down time, equipment damage or worse still fire. Periodic electrical thermographic surveys can help reduce expensive down time and unexpected component failure. Although this service is not a replacement for regular planned maintenance, many electrical components are non user serviceable and give no or little warning when they are about to fail. Most faults are discovered when differential or abnormally high temperatures are present, but how hot is a fault? What’s good heat and bad heat? That's where we come in! Over 20 years working with electrical equipment and 13 of those specialising in electrical thermography gives us on the spot knowledge of what's good and bad heat. Our Thermographic Surveys and comprehensive reporting format give you accurate and concise information on what's at fault and the best remedial course to take to correct it. With our infrared cameras we survey your equipment, where possible, starting from 11kv supply and transformers (where site owned or access is available) then progress down to switch rooms, distribution and localised control equipment on production lines. We don't just scratch the surface we cover everything that is accessible and suitable for monitoring. Historical data is retained for each item of equipment monitored and where necessary graphs created for SPC data.

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Periodic predictive maintenance by means of electrical thermographic surveys can help save time fault finding and unexpected down time due