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By: The Plastic Strapping ( Pallet Strapping Division)Company  11/11/2010
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Steel strapping is available in two popular coils types i.e Ribbon or Pancake wound coils, and oscillation wound coils. With ribbon wound steel strapping the coil is as wide as the specified strap width e.g 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm, but with oscilation wound coils the steel is wound rather like cotton on a cotton reel i.e.laps of steel are wound side by side to produce a coil width of 150mm, regardles of the width of the strapping.
Surface finish of the steel strapping is commonly blued and waxed, or black painted to give added rust protection or zinc painted finish which gives an extended resistance to corrosion.
Strap qualities are cold rolled and hot rolled, the primary diference being that the hot rolled steel strapping has a superior resistance to shock loading conditions.Nevertheless cold rolled strap is the quality used in 95% of all steel strapping applications. The full range of steel strapping specifications can be seen in the steel strapping section of the main web site.

Keywords: steel strapping

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