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By: Powered Bicycles  06/02/2013
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In the past years, we are invested our time and capital to start to develop the Xmk  torque assist system for ebikes in the motor patented that can apply on the electric bicycle. Now we have successfully produced that XMK torque assist system for electric bikes ,poweredbicycles, and now also applying world patent for that system called  Xmk


That system is similar with Pedelec bike but our system is much more intelligent and human friendly.


The current Pedelec bike, there is a pedal sensor, when you pedal the sensor will give signal to the motor to move. However you cannot control how much power for the motor unless you have to pedal a cycle or more in order to touch the sensor power-assist point, then the sensor will know how much power for moving the bike. Almost all such kind of Pedelec bike, the motor is installed on the back wheel. The kind sensor is collecting the signal from the sensor by level / step theory, so there is a limitation that the sensor cannot get all the signals. Imagine that there is a gap between Step A and Step B, you can only get the signal at A or at B.


Our xmk is collecting the signal from sensor by linear theory. Imagine that there is a line from Point A to Point B, every point on the line you can get the signal, there is unlimited point on that line. So the motor will automatically changing the power depend on what power you put on the pedal. For our Xmk ebike, the motor is installed at the Rear  Why it is a intelligent and human friendly? For example,

1) When you ride it to higher slope, you have to pedal harder, then the pedal sensor will know that it is difficult for you to ride then the motor will run in higher power.

2) When you ride it on the flat road, you only need to pedal slightly, then the pedal sensor will give signal to motor to run in normal power.

3) When you go downward, if you don't pedal it and the motor will stop running.

That's we say that our pedal sensor can collect unlimited signal.


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