Hypnotherapy from Oxygen Wellbeing

By: Oxygen Wellbeing  28/10/2011
Keywords: hypnotherapist nottingham


Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic approach that helps you enter into a state of calm, alert awareness so that you can more easily work on making personal changes for positive and healthy living.

Hypnotherapy is about empowerment. It is a powerful way of learning to train your own mind in a way that supports yourself. Some people can go into hypnotic induction within a few seconds or minutes. Others may take longer. People under the induction can talk, write, and walk about. They are usually fully aware of what is said and done. The effects of hypnotism depend on the willingness and motivation of the individual. It is a physiological response in the individual and the hypnotherapist has no special power.

During hypnotic induction, you remain fully aware of your surroundings and cannot be made to do anything you would not ordinarily do. It is gentle and natural, like daydreaming, drifting off, or being miles away, so therefore safe and without side effects. You remain in complete control throughout the process.

Keywords: hypnotherapist nottingham