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By: MTG Energy Solutions Ltd  17/09/2013
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A smart lighting control is a system to manage the switching on/off condition of lighting in your property, depending on human occupancy, detection of motion or daylight availability in a specific area. Smart lighting controls are very convenient for commercial buildings, particularly in rooms that are not permanently occupied, such as meeting rooms, toilets, storage areas, etc. This technology saves significant amount of energy by avoiding lights turned on unnecessarily, reducing your business electricity bills and CO2 emissions. • Preventing energy waste when lights are turned off or dimmed • Reduced electricity bills • Fewer Carbon emissions • Highly resistant to false triggering • Specific adjustment of light levels according illumination requirements • Comfortable and productive light on working environment A smart heating control system enables you to monitor and control the temperature of each area in your property, resulting in an effective use of heating according to your requirements. This energy saving technology allows you to set a specific temperature room by room and schedule per zone heating, so you won´t waste energy either pay higher energy bills for heating non-occupied rooms. • Efficient use of your energy used for heating • Suitable and comfort temperature according to user requirement • Reduced electricity bills • Fewer Carbon emissions

Keywords: control, Smart Sensor

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