Stop Smoking

By: Julietta Marquez - Clinical Hypnotherapist & EFT Practitioner  25/02/2011
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Choosing hypnosis to help you stop smoking is one of the most effective methods you can use. (New Scientist Oct 1992)

Have you tried to stop smoking many times before but failed?

I understand the frustrations of failing and the fears you may have about facing life without a cigarette in your hand. However, most people who I have treated for Stop Smoking have found that stopping is easier than they thought it would be.

This is because EFT and hypnotherapy teach you powerful techniques, helping you deal with everyday life without having to reach for a cigarette.

You already know all the harmful effects that smoking has on your health and your wealth but you still continue to smoke. Maybe it’s because you have smoked for years and it’s just become a habit or maybe you think it’s the only way you can relax. Whatever the reason, we can alter this thinking using EFT and hypnotherapy to change these negative, disempowering thoughts and beliefs into new ways of thinking and believing so that you become a strongerperson with the knowledge that you can deal with life using your own strengths and capabilities. In one session we can demolish all the reasons and anxieties you have that prevent you from stopping smoking.

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