By: Julietta Marquez - Clinical Hypnotherapist & EFT Practitioner  25/02/2011
Keywords: complementary therapies, alternative therapies, eating disorders

The exact causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) are unknown, however, we do know that with IBS the gut becomes abnormally sensitive to its content causing abnormal contractions of the intestinal muscles leading to the many common symptoms experienced by IBS sufferers.

There is growing evidence suggesting that psychological factors such as stress or anxiety can contribute to the cause of IBS.

The relationship between the ‘mind’, the brain, nervous impulses and over activity of the internal organs such as the gut is complex. We all know that when we are nervous or scared, our bodies are designed to evacuate the intestines and this is characterized by the normal reaction of pains or uncomfortable feelings in the stomach. This is due to the ‘fight or flight’ chemicals that are released into the body to help us deal with dangerous situations. In the past these dangerous situations would have been, for example, being attacked by a wild animal. In this situation we needed to respond by running away (flight) or by staying and fighting.

In modern day society we don’t face the same dangerous situations as our ancestors, a Saber-toothed tiger isn’t waiting around the corner to pounce on us! However, our bodies don’t realise this so whenever we become stressed, for example at work, our brain sends messages to the body which make it think it’s under attack. This results in stress hormones being released which in turn effect the digestive system.

It’s possible that this chain of events could be part of the cause of IBS. This over activity of messages from the brain leads to overactive or abnormal contractions of the intestines.

Hypnotherapy and EFT help to deal with the psychological factors by teaching you techniques that can help you deal with life’s situations in a calmer and more controlled way.

Keywords: alternative therapies, complementary health care, complementary therapies, eating disorders, Emotional Freedom Technique, Female Therapist, hypnotherapists, Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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