The Focus series of targeted coaching packages

By: Creating Focus  22/03/2011
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These coaching packages are designed to help you deal with common issues in a focused, efficient and supportive way. Using exercises to weave into your normal working week, and telephone coaching so you don’t incur any travel time, you get a chance to explore a particular aspect of your work and make improvements to suit your own working style.

The choice of packages is:

A Focus on emails

Getting deluged by emails? Spending more time dealing with them than doing what feels like work? This package encourages you to examine the way that emails impact on your working (and maybe home) life; to set some boundaries around emails; to identify what best practice is for you.

A Focus on interruptions

Do you start the day with good intentions but get constant interruptions so that by the end of the day you have been very busy but can’t identify exactly what you have been doing – and your “to do” list is largely untouched? This package looks at the process you go through as you are interrupted, and helps you to manage your response to potential interruptions. It highlights the value of setting aside some time to concentrate and suggests ways of doing that.

A Focus on procrastination

Can you find many ways of not getting down to writing that report, or planning that strategy, or tidying your office? If so you are not alone. Procrastination is an issue that many millions of successful people wrestle with on a daily basis. This package will help to identify what is going on and why, and put in place strategies for successfully getting on with things.

A Focus on prioritising

Is your “to do” list overwhelming? So you sometimes struggle to see the woods for the trees? In an age where we are bombarded with information, and things are changing rapidly, it can be difficult to keep our priorities in view. This package will help you to sift out the important elements of your list so that you can focus your time and energy in the most effective direction.

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