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DPF Removal from Castle Street Tuning

By: Castle Street Tuning  08/11/2015
Keywords: ecu remapping, car remapping, Diesel Particulate Filter

If you’re have problems with the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) system on your diesel vehicle, such as: DPF warning lights on, vehicle losing power (Limp Mode), flashing warning lights on the dash, excessive smoking & frequent regenerations – Then you may have already tried the common options offered by your local dealerships like forced regenerations and cleaning sessions. Now it’s time for a DPF Removal and Remap. Our Complete 4-Stage DPF Removal Service 1. Delete all fault codes, reset ECU to virginised state ready for programming. 2. Download & backup all original files. Scan through all data strings manually to modify and de-activate all DPF related datastrings and cancel out all regeneration processes. 3. Physical removal of the DPF (Diesel Particle Filter 4. Smoke correction service to ensure vehicle will not smoke and will run optimally after DPF removal. Benefits Of Having Your DPF Removed By Castle Street All our DPF Removals come with a Lifetime warranty and below you will see some of the great benefits you can expect after having your DPF Removed: ✔ Increased power & performance ✔ Increased life expectancy of turbo & engine ✔ Increased fuel economy ✔ Sharper throttle response ✔ No DPF faults or warning lights ✔ No loss of power or limp mode ✔ No smoking issues or regenerations

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