Nickel free - Hypoallergenic Titanium and Diamonds Earrings

Nickel free - Hypoallergenic Titanium and Diamonds Earrings from

By:  13/06/2009
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Boccia Titanium Diamonds Earrings 0526-02
Nickel free - Hypoallergenic Jewellery - Free UK Delivery - Gift Box

Boccia matt titanium small stick stud earrings with a diamond or each earring. Diamond weight 0.01 ct

Length: 13mm | Width: 2mm

The Boccia Titanium collection of jewellery and watches is made of pure titanium, a very distinctive metal which is strong (30% stronger than steel), very light (50% lighter than steel), nickel-free, hypoallergenic, it is also corrosion, perspiration and acids resistant. It makes this impressive range of rings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, pendants and earrings pleasant to wear and very friendly to the skin even if you suffer of nickel allergy. All earrings are made of nickel-free pure titanium, posts are also nickel-free steel backings, sensitive ears welcome!

Keywords: earrings, jewellery, jewelry, Titanium Jewellery