Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation from Aurora Laser Clinic

By: Aurora Laser Clinic  03/04/2014
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Laser treatment is a safe, and non-surgical solution for a younger, fresher looking appearance if your skin is becoming less firm/flexible/smooth than it used to be. As we age, skin inevitably becomes less firm, flexible and smooth than it used to be, especially the skin on the face. For some people the effects of ageing on their skin can be much worse. For example, smoking, consumption of a lot of alcohol, love of sunbathing can all take its toll on your skin. This results in more wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, or maybe a general reduction in the fresh appearance of the skin. Younger skins replace their cells every 21 – 40 days but this happens more slowly as we age. Also the rate of replacement falls by about half. As more cells accumulate on the surface, the skin can feel dense and rough, with dry patches. Collagen levels also fall – this is the skin’s scaffolding and helps to support other tissues and blood vessels. It also holds the skin together.

Keywords: face, Laser clinic, laser treatment, rejuvenation, skin care

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