Fungal Nail Infection

Fungal Nail Infection from Aurora Laser Clinic

By: Aurora Laser Clinic  03/04/2014
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These nail infections are both embarrassing and unsightly. What is more, in the past they have always been difficult to treat. Fungal nail infections do not normally affect healthy nails unless there is some underlying factor (such as damage or a nutritional deficiency) which allows them to enter and establish themselves in the underlying tissues of your nails. Nail fungal infections medically known as onychomycosis are very common – affecting up to one in fifteen of the UK population. On average half of all nail related issues are related to fungus. It’s known to affect males more than females and is more highly common as one ages. It is more common on the toenails rather than fingernails due to this; the effects on the foot are more commonly mentioned. In both cases the laser treatment and subsequent end results are similar. Fungal nail infections are usually caused by damage made to the nail plate or seal allowing the fungus to invade the nail. Feet stuck inside shoes all day provide the perfect habitat of warmth and dampness that allow the fungus to thrive. Other factors can also include nail biting, foot trauma, smoking and diabetes.

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