Audio/Video Transcription

By: AST Language Services Ltd  26/06/2009
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 Audio/Video Transcription

Foreign language transcription from digital or analogue media is carried out in three stages:

Our experienced mother-tongue transcribers carefully listen to the soundtrack and create a script of the original language version. Where required video timecodes are transferred to the transcribed script.

The script is then translated by a professional translator with the appropriate language experience.

We offer transcription of CD/DVDs and digital audio/video files (.wav, mpeg, .wmf, etc.).

Examples of projects already undertaken:

Example 1: Transcription into English for multinational IT company. The unscripted soundtracks of local-language video films required careful comprehension and transcription prior to translation. A number of rarer languages were required, such as Tamil and Swahili.

Example 2: Transcription into English for major European logistics group. German and Spanish employee motivation films featured employees describing innovations they had suggested which had enabled company-wide efficiencies.

Keywords: transcription

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