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By: Pink Giraffe Education Consultants  03/11/2010
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Our services offer Education Advise for Business and Media.

Research shows that children constitute a major consumer market, having a strong influence upon family purchase decision making and on the distribution of a family's finances. Children are also future consumers, ensuring a product continues to sell. By providing high quality education materials to schools you will be ensuring your place in this market. Times are changing within Education, the new Government have talked about reducing their control over the school curriculum. This will leave teachers looking for a wider variety of topics to teach and looking for good teaching material to use in their classrooms. Now is the time to reach children and to support the education system by providing resources and lesson plans to schools.Pink Giraffe develop age-appropriate and educational advice and content for:

Giving your business a friendly family face is very important. Pink Giraffe's education advice can help to publicise your business by introduction your company into schools. By producing high quality educational material and offering extensive advice, teachers, children and parents will be aware of your message and your product or service.

Educational Advice and Resources for Business
We offer high quality up to date education advice from qualified professional educators. We design and develop Education Packs and Resources matching your organisation's educational focus. Education packs will be designed to match the Governments National Curriculum and/or Child Development studies.

Planning for Educational Visits
We Plan Educational activities for children visiting your business on school trips. We provide Staff training on delivering educational activities and produce educational materials to suit.

We work with producers to match programming to the National Curriculum and/or Child Development. We can develop scripts by focusing on age appropriate language, content and educational value.

We write materials for parents and education settings and content for children. Pink Giraffe also design online game content.

Books and Magazines
We consult with authors and illustrators for age and developmental appropriateness.

Toys, Games and Products
We consult with designers on the development of toys, games and products. Pink Giraffe can write instruction manuals and educational information relating to child development or the National Curriculum.

Focus Groups
We evaluate products and materials through focus groups of children and/or parents to ensure they are of a high quality, match age appropriateness and are successful in what they are trying to achieve.

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