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By: Paula Brown Counselling Service  10/05/2011
Keywords: Counselling, anxiety, personal development

In June 2010 I found myself in a situation where I had a lot of pent up aggression,
disappointment and depression which had built up within me over many years through difficult
family and work times.

I took it upon myself to seek professional help through my Doctor and/or a Counsellor.

I felt very strange doing this as I had never had done anything like this before, I have my own
techniques on dealing with stress, but alas recent events which caused me to lass out
prompted this action.

I searched Google to find a local Counsellor and Paula Brown’s service was listed.
Her website clearly stated what her service provided and her credentials, I telephoned Paula
a few hours later and left her message to get back to me. Later that day Paula contacted me
and we arranged the first consultation.

I was surprised to learn that Paula performed her service in her own home and I respect for
this, so I’d better be on my best behaviour. At the start we had a getting to know you session,
Paula introduced herself and explained what her service was going to provide, plus there was
some paper work to sign, then of course it was my turn.

I explained why I was there and why I needed help in dealing and understanding my issues.
At first I was extremely uncomfortable, after all I hadn’t been in a situation like this before and
I was completed blind in trying to know where to begin. Paula took notes on the issues I rose.
I was quite emotional, I felted completed different being honest with someone about how I felt,

But thankfully Paula has the patience of a saint and with no prejudice she absorbed all issues
taking notes along the way.

As Paula and I had more sessions, I came more comfortable talking to her and found it easier
to control my emotions. I was given literature to illustrate my emotions past and present and
another form where I could write down immediate negative emotions but then write down how
I could feel differently instead. I started to set myself aspirations after every session, this
turned out to be a great idea, I would talk about a particular problem and then soon after the
session I would deal with problem at home, Paula was very impressed with this, after all
Paula couldn’t do all the work.

After many sessions, I was feeling a lot better. Paula recognised this but our work still wasn’t
done. I was more happier having the sessions and generally as a person, they really were

At the second to last session Paula asset my state of mind using what I call “a depression
test”, I was asked questions where Paula asked the questions and I then gave a score about
how I feel. I scored extremely low showing that the session had really worked.

Even though the sessions have stopped now I still keep Paula’s contact details close and I
would recommend her to anyone who needs her help.

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