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By: Myrtle Corner Web Management  11/02/2013
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Search Engine Optimisation You may have heard friends and contacts talk about search engine optimisation, or SEO. It may mean something to you, or you have had better things to do with your time than find out. But you know enough that you have found Myrtle Corner, so all is not lost! SEO is a very simple concept. It is about optimising your web presence to ensure that it performs well in the search engines. If you have a website supporting your business, you want that website to be found by people looking for companies who do what you do. So how do you appear above those companies? That’s where search engine optimisation comes in. You optimise your website. And you optimise what you do around the web. Web Site Optimisation When optimising your website, you decide what words and phrases are absolutely key to what your company and website does. It’s very easy to have a scattergun approach and expect Google to understand what you do. But if you focus on core areas, your website becomes leaner, and Google gets more interested. You write relevant content for your blog, with those phrases in mind. You think about how your pages link to each other. You consider how visitors might click around your site. And you make sure all the bits and bobs behind the scenes that Google uses to assess your site are in order. We call it on-site optimisation. Because we’re creative like that. Web Presence Optimisation Increasingly, people know about you in areas away from your website. Through social media, like Facebook and Twitter, and through blogs. You do something good, or well, people might talk about you. You do something poorly, and people WILL talk about you. You can’t stop them, but you can manage it. You can encourage people to talk about you favourably, by being proactive online. And where people are being negative, by engaging with them, research has shown you can do far more good than you might think. This we call Off-Site Optimisation. I know, crazy! Basically, you make sure Google knows what your site is about. And you make sure Google sees you interacting with others. Just like a regular shop. If the shopkeeper is sullen, you might pop in by accident, but you won;t enjoy the experience and you probably won’t return. If they make a good impression, so much the better. You are trying to impress Google.

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